More safety at the airport with HACA ladders 



Our new airport ladder has been developed in cooperation with one of Germany´s biggest airports
especially for the complex tasks of the ground services.

The extraordinary combination of the functions of a ladder and a mobile scaffold make this ladder
a safe and robust allrounder for the daily demands, as e.g.:

■ handling of the lever for opening the hatchways 

■ connection to the ground electricity 

■ execution of smaller maintenance work on the fuselage


The airport ladder has the following features:  

■ carriage made of galvanized steel pipe 

■ adjustable carriage 

■ the height of the ladder is adjustable up to max. 3,60 m length 

■ handrail for safe ascending 

■ re-inforced lift-off protection 

■ push-over protection and support wheels for protection of the airplane 

■ easy exchange of the ladder due to so called rung anchors as attachment to the carriage 

■ fast ranking and height adjustment, hence high grade of flexibility.