HACA rung ladders made of wood

Type 1000

Hidden dowel joints

Nominal width appr. 330 mm

Outer ladder width appr. 380 mm

Rung distance appr. 280 mm

Stile lengths appr. 1,64 m to 4,16 m

From size 11 with stabiliser bar

Type 9001

Stiles semicircular made of spruce wood

Rungs made of spruce wood

Nominal width appr. 300 mm

Outer ladder width at upper end
appr. 370 mm

Stile lengths appr. 3 m to 7 m

 9001  Details


HACA leaning ladders made of wood with aluminium rungs 

Type 1060

Stiles made of laminated wood

Rungs made of aluminium

Outer ladder width appr. 400 mm

Stile lengths appr. 2,49 m to 5,80 m



HACA leaning rung ladders made of aluminium


6005 03

Light and sturdy for the building trade

Suitable for fixed installations

Outer ladder width appr. 350 mm

Stile lengths appr. 1,89 m to 2,95 m




6005 30

Light and sturdy for the building trade

Outer ladder width appr. 350 mm 

With 2 pairs of hooks to be used with 
mounting rods

Stile lengths appr. 1,89 m to 5,70 m



6005 05

Light and sturdy for the building trade

Outer ladder width appr. 350 mm

with 2 pairs of hooks to be used with
mounting rods

Stile lengths appr. 3,46 m to 5,70 m

mit Traverse

Type 6007

Sturdy, constantly robust multiple
flanging between stiles and rungs

Outer ladder width appr. 420 mm

Stile lengths appr. 2,44 m to 4,12 m

From size 12 with stabiliser bar

Type 8005

Anodised stiles

Sturdy, constantly robust multiple crimping

Outer ladder width appr. 460 mm

Stile lengths appr. 1,50 m bis 6,00 m



Type 6001


For the food and chemical industries,
for waterworks, breweries, dairies etc.

Colourlessly anodised

Stile/rung connection welded all around

Outer ladder width appr. 350 mm

Stile length appr. 1,93 m to 3,61 m




6231 05


Lowering or raising with locking safety
hooks e.g. in pits and ducts

Repair friendly, bolted stile/rung

Ladder sections exchangeable at will

Outer ladder width appr. 450 mm

Stile length appr. 1,72 m to 7,30 m

From size 10 with stabiliser bar





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