HACA Stepladder made of wood

Type 1020

Strong, exchangeable joints

Hidden tenon joints

Stile lengths from appr. 1,20 m to 4,00 m

1020  Details 
Type 1023

As before,
however with tread rungs 

Stile lengths from appr. 1,24 m to 1,80 m



HACA Stepladder made of wood with tread rungs made of aluminium

Type 1062  

Stiles made of laminated wood
60mm tread rungs made of aluminium

Stile-Rung-Connection crimped and
bolted, therefore exchangeable



HACA Stepladder made of aluminium

Type 6025

Stable stile/rung multiple flanging

Nylon stafety struts

Stile lengths from appr. 1,50 m to 3,50 m


Type 6027 

Robustand stable stile/rung multiple

High stability and steadiness

High-quality exchangeable joints

Ladder distance pieces against jamming fingers when folding the ladder

Stile lengths from appr. 1,80 m to 5,70 m





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