HACA Accessories for shelf ladders

Type 0651

Runner rail

Made of angled steel (25 x 25 x 4 mm),
galvanised, cut to desired lengths, punched for butt connectors,
butt connectors included, max. rod length 6 m

30% extra Charge for drilling holes according
to customer's drilling sketch (from the top)

For ladders
type 5500.xx.xx and type 5501.xx.xx

0651 Details 
Type 0661

As before, however

made of angled Aluminium

Particularly suitable for ladders type 7503.64.10
and type 7501.64.

Type 0650

Curved runner rail

Made of angled steel (25 x 25 x 4 mm), galvanised,
90°, radius 500 mm (sketch necessary).
When driving around Corners, the ladder has to be lifted slightly.
For Ladders type 5500.64.10, 7503.64.10,
5501.64.10, 7501.64.

Type 0654 1000 02

Rail mounts  (2 pcs.)
For do-it-yourself shelves made of punched profiles, with threaded screws.

Type 0654 1100 02

Rail mounts  (2 pcs.)
For do.it.yourself shelves made of unpunched Profile,
with self-tapping screws

Type 0655 1100 02

Rail mounts (2 pcs.)
Angled shaped with wood screws.

Type 0657 1000 02

Rail mounts (2 pcs.)
Angulated, with wood screws.

Type 0653 1000 02

End stops (2 pcs.)
With screws, elasticated


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