HACA Stepladders with safety bridge

Type 8611

Anodised, ergonomically designed stiles 

Anodised storage tray

Appealing design

Highest stile stability to avoid denting

Handrails as accessories can be found in the category "accessories"

Stile lengths from appr. 1,53 m to 3,89 m

8611 Details 
Type 6518 


Highly stable

Strengthened stile design increases stability

Robust and exchangeable storage tray with bowl for small parts, bucket hooks and insertion holes for tools

Ladder feet with integrated distance pieces to prevent jamming fingers

Stile lengths from appr. 1,68 m to 3,68 m


Type 8616

Practical tray for installation materials

Ergonomical design, aluminium stiles

Closing step 33,5 x 25,5 cm




HACA Double-sided stepladders

Type 8671

Access from either side

Anodised, ergonomically designed stiles

Sizes 2 to 4 can also be used as steps    
(DIN EN 14 183), with foldable safety strut made of aluminium

Highest stile stability to prevent denting

Very appealing design

Stile lengths from appr. 0,77 m to 3,18 m





Type 6577 

High stability due to strengthened stile design

Ladder feet with integrated spacers to avoid jamming fingers

Stile lengths from appr. 0,75 m to 3,00 m


Type 6575

Shaped aluminium stiles for higher stability

Outer ladder width 350 mm

80 mm step depth

320 x 180 mm top step

Stile length from appr. 0,83 m to 3,25 m

6575 Details
Type 1570

Made of wood

Suitable for inside and out

Highly qualitative workmanship

Sizes 3 and 4 with collapsible safety strut therefore suitable as steps (DIN EN 14 183)

1570 Details